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School photography is more accessible for schools and parents than ever before...

All parents want to look back at their children’s school years and cherish the keepsakes that only school photos can provide. Whether it is the class photo, a photo with a sibling, or individual portraits, prom night or graduation, these photo memories will be some of the most treasured memories you will ever own.

School photography in Manchester by Discount Photography will help you keep these precious moments. At Discount Photography, I don’t believe in penalising parents simply because they have to wait a couple of weeks until pay day before they can place their order. Therefore, there are no late order penalties!

I don’t believe that parents should have to buy one pack of photos for each child. With Discount Photography, parents can mix & match siblings within a photo package!


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Head teachers, has the revenue from school photos been falling for the last few years?

Many parents don’t like being penalised with a late order fee just because they have to wait until pay-day before ordering. Many just don’t order. There are no late order penalties at Discount Photography!

Parents with two or three siblings at the school can’t afford 2 or 3 sets of photos so they don’t order any. A lot of school photographers won’t allow parents to mix & match packages. Mix & matching is encouraged at Discount Photography!

The net result is that more parents place orders! More orders equals higher revenue for the school!

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