There are alternatives to an expensive album! BACK NEXT NEXT BACK Do you really need an expensive wedding album?

If you want a photo album, that’s fine! I do them and they are freely available and look good! What if the budget is an issue? Can you justify having several hundred pounds sat in a box in your loft?

That’s where photo books are ideal! They cost a fraction of the price of a full album, yet look just as good! Being A4 in size, they fit on your bookshelf and so are accessible every time you want to be reminded of your special day! A Photo book makes an ideal affordable gift for relatives, whether it’s of your wedding or your family portraits, pet portraits or products!

A standard photo book has 26 pages which is sufficient for around 30 - 40 photos. This is usually enough, but if required, I can add extra pages - up to a maximum of 100 pages in total. (Enough for 900 photos!). There is a small charge for this. Eg. to take your photo book to 50 pages would add £10 to the total cost (approx. 42p / page.)

The photos are printed on high quality paper and the book is hard backed. The design can match your type of wedding / event as they come in traditional, artistic and contemporary styles. There is also one specific to babies.

                 A4 Photo book with 26 pages only

Why not go “large”? An A3 book is only £15 extra!


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