Portrait Packages

I am available for all types of family portraits, from family pictures, head shots, and corporate portraits to pictures of your favourite pet. These can be done in your home using natural or studio lighting, on location in a park, garden etc or in my studio. I can do family portraits, pet portraits, passport photos, nude portraits, model portfolios, etc. All affordable and to suit any budget.

There isn’t a fixed time for a session, although they normally last for around an hour. I’m there until it’s in the can!

Below, there are some portrait packages I have created. As always, if what is displayed here does not meet your needs, then please contact me and I would be happy to put something together for you that meets your needs. The base price for a session is £50 which gives you the bronze package. You can then mix and match any of the products available. The package is only limited by your budget!

Single portraits, families, couples, pets, baby, toddlers, passport/ID cards & nudes
Call me now on 0161 946 3554 to book!