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Most wedding photo albums rarely see the light of day! With today’s technology and keen pricing, that needn’t be a problem! Affordable wedding photography has never been more accessible!

Why not have a slide show of the photographs from your special day scrolling on a digital photo frame in your living room? You can relive those special memories every day! The timing can be set  so that the photos change every few seconds or  every few minutes. The choice is yours! You decide - they’re your memories! Digital photo frames are becoming increasingly popular. There’s no need to set up a screen & projector to view a slide show. The slide show scrolls automatically - you’ll never get fed up with the same photo. There’s a different picture every time you look at it!

BACK NEXT NEXT Please note that all photos on the SD card are discretely watermarked and copyright.

There are two sizes available;

20 cm Screen -     £70

30 cm Screen -     £90

All digital photo frames are mains powered so a suitable mains power source close by is required. (1.5m cable supplied).

They can be free standing or wall mounted.

A SD card of sufficient size is provided. If you need a lot more photographs added, an upgrade to a larger capacity SD card may be required.

Screen size is the diagonal from corner to corner of the screen.

The bigger screens tend to be of a higher resolution than smaller screens. I can get smaller frames if required.

Please ASK me !

Your digital photo frame will be supplied ready to go!

Compare prices!

You should expect to pay £90 for a 24 cm screen from a major retailer! You even have to pay extra for an SD card!