How do you obtain photographic images for your website, brochure, advertising and presentations? There are 4 ways;

Supplied by the manufacturer. Not an option if the manufacturer doesn’t supply them or you are the manufacturer!

Take the pictures yourself. This can be very time consuming. Also, without the right equipment, getting a quality photograph is extremely difficult. You have the best equipment for the job to produce the article or to distribute it. Why opt for the worst option where it really matters, when you’re selling the item?

Stock image web site. These are expensive at £10 - £15 per image. Credits have to be bought up front and the image might not suit your needs. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of time spent searching for a suitable image. If you manufacturer the product, it’s unlikely that a suitable image would be available at all!

I offer this;
A unique service!
I will collect up to 25 small items that require photographing from your premises. The next working day, I will return with these items and a CD of the images. You have the licence to use the images for your business as many times as you like! There are no usage limitations (certain terms apply). The cost of this service is ONLY £100 That’s right! It works out at just £4 per item! N.B. the price given is for the whole shoot, no matter how many items up to a maximum of 25. All you have to do is have the products ready at the allotted collection time and provide good instructions as to how you would like the photographs to appear.

This price also applies for a 1/2 day location shoot (within 20 miles radius of Wythenshawe - other locations depend on distance travelled.) or 1/2 day at your premises photographing the work place, work force, etc.

You just need to sign a release and provide payment!

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